As a Beginner What should I use? Majnaro vs Ubuntu

I am not trying to say this is good, this is bad. i am going to change the thinking of the Linux beginners bit.

As a Beginner What should I use? Majnaro vs Ubuntu

Manjaro Vs Ubuntu

I am not trying to say this is good, this is bad. i am going to change the thinking of the Linux beginners bit. I am using Linux more than 5/6 years now. i have used many type of Linux Distros in the past years. so thought to write something like this for the beginners who are coming into Linux world.

if you ask from someone as beginner,

“What Linux distro should i use as a Beginner?”

Most of the times, the typical answer is

“Try out Ubuntu, it is good for beginners”

I also have said this many times to many people. why should we do it always? that is why I try to change that mind bit and place a new opinion among Linux users.

linux ranking

How is Current Ranking??

Give a try, Don’t be Scared.

If you want to be good in Linux, you must not be scared to do any thing.You will fail a lot when you use Linux, it will help you to learn more and more about Linux every time. People will say you to use Ubuntu instead of Other Linux Distros, because to decrease the failing rating rate. but it not a true when you give a try into Manjaro. I will say why now.

As a Linux user the most common and biggest problem all of the time I faced is “Failed to find Drives When i did a fresh install of Ubuntu”. but i installed Manjaro, I didn’t even want to install a single driver to Manjaro. Whoooo!! is it not grate? *That is why I say Manjaro is suitable for beginners as how Ubuntu suitable for beginners. I just searched about it, How it actually happens, then I saw Manjaro has a tool called [mhwd(Manjaro Hardware Detection)](* **it is doing a grate job.

“The Manjaro HardWare Detection (mhwd) command is a unique feature of Manjaro. There are currently two types of mhwd command: 1. mhwd: Enables the automatic detection and configuration of computer hardware the system is running on. This includes both hardware connected internally via **PCI** (e.g. graphics cards), and connected externally via **USB** (e.g. flashdrives). Note: The mhwd command is still under development, and at present is only able to install drivers for graphics cards connected internally via pci.(Run automatically during the installation process, it allows for Manjaro to work fully on your system ‘straight out of the box’, without the need to manually identify and install the necessary drivers or to manually edit the appropriate configuration files) 2. mhwd-kernel: Enables the installation and easy management of multiple kernels on your system.”



  • Debian Based Distro
  • Huge Community Support
  • Huge Existing Stackoverflow Questsions/Answers list
  • Huge Package List
  • Lots of Tutorials, Books, Articles


  • Arch Based Distro
  • Can access arch package list with Manjaro package list
  • It is a quick growing Distro with huge success
  • Manjaro Hardware Detection Tool
  • Grate Documentation and also can access Arch Documentation

What should I consider as a beginner?

As a beginner to Linux you have to remember few things first when you working on Linux. first and important thing to remember is **Don’t try to update kernel version. **when you get an update search bit about it before you perform an update. many times it conflict kernel with your current kernel version or it is not suitable for you. it is a common problem in Linux world.

Second thing is use Terminal more and more. As a Linux user you must have a good understand about terminal commands and how to use terminal correctly. so always try to use terminal for even a small work.

Third thing is, Read Articles, News Updates about Linux to become good at Linux.

Finally, Welcome to Linux World!!!

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